Why You are the Love of My Life

by Alisha Knight

I’ve fallen in Love with Your passion for me. The light touch of Your hand to my skin, sends waves of Love to my heart causing it to become engorged with Your tender affections that burst out upon those around me. My swelled heart can no longer contain the Love that fills my soul. Your Love, Jesus, never leaves me wanting more. For I have eternal access to Your heart. I have eternal access to Your grace and mercy. I long for nothing when I am with You. For You are my everything. In Your eyes is where I learn what eternity means. In Your embrace do all my fears succumb, becoming no more. I again become as a child without fear of tomorrow. For You, Jesus, are my every day, my every moment, my very breath.

I fall asleep to my fingers genteelly touching Your face. To the intertwining of our fingers. To Your voice singing Your Love for me. And as I sleep. Your presence do I feel every minute, every second until my eyes open to find myself cradled against Your chest. As I lift my head to make my way to Your face. I smell the sweetness of Your affection that excites my whole being. And before my face finally comes to meet Yours, the skin of my forehead feels the warmth of Your lips and the breath from Your nostrils. I pause there for what seems like centuries. I bring my hand to Your neck as tears flow from my eyes. Your lips hover close to my skin and my ears hear Your words so crisp, “why do you weep?”. I raise my head and open my weary eyes to where my past, present, and future can be found. Rivers begin to flow as the silence communicates the lament of my heart. Your words flood my mind as I look down, away from Your glory. You said, “I fell in Love with you before I created you. And at the time of conception, I created you chosen. I created you worthy. I created you Loved”. The air moved as Your hand glided towards my wet face, lifting it to Yours. And You declared, “Nothing shall your heart ever weep for. My Love is continuous. My presence is always with you. My affection is always for you. Let this be your confidence, your assurance. That I am forever, that I am eternally yours, My love”.

It was then that my heart fell deeper in Love with Your passion for me.

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