To My Family and Friends

I wish that I didn’t have to write this. I am not one to voluntarily open myself up. I am not one to tell everyone how I am feeling, my personal feelings.

I have lost some family and I have lost some friends. In other words, I am telling you I have lost individuals that are near and dear to my heart. And why? All because they feel like their right and I’m wrong? All because I’m 25, haven’t been to college to study the Bible, and Theology has it all figured out? If those are their reasons, which it sounds and looks like they are. Then some of you truly don’t know the God you serve. You don’t know the God of the Bible. He always used unqualified individuals to do His work (remind yourself of that here). Why? To show His glory. To show His power! And to show His sovereignty.

Some of you are so blinded by your degrees and theology, that you can’t even see what the Bible is saying. I have given you proof that this is not just my interpretation (study the 1st and 2nd Adam in the original Greek here). I have studied and shown myself approved unto God (2 Timothy 2:15). Yet, you dismiss it and scroll pass it, claiming it’s all nonsense. No, what’s nonsense is what theology is teaching on these subjects (here is just one of the many sites that teach this theology). That’s what makes no sense. None at all. That theology can’t be confirmed in the Bible but what I have presented is confirmed in the Bible. We have to stop leaning to our own understanding, our own version of how God thinks and feels. And ask God to teach us what His Word is truly saying. We must stop relying on man and rely on God. We need to stop relying on how many years this theology has been taught. And start relying on God and His infinite timeless knowledge and wisdom!

Some of you judge me and tell me I’m being deceived. Look at what I’ve presented. Look at my fruits! Read Matthew 7:15-20 and Galatians 5:22-23. Read the whole Bible in the original text for yourself (here). We have to stop claiming to have it all figured out, or else God cannot use us. Because we have then boxed Him in. We have limited Him and His Almighty power!

I’m afraid some of you think this has been easy on me. I am afraid some of you feel this was an overnight shift. Read this from my own words. It is not easy for me. And it was not overnight. God took me on a journey of Love, and it was one of the scariest and most beautiful journeys’ I’ve ever been on. Relying on God fully and completely as my Heavenly Father. Only having His voice, His presence, sermons, and spontaneous words from old and new friends to confirm I was/am still on the right track, God’s path. Never in my life have I had to do such a thing. I always followed my family or the Church because I knew they wouldn’t steer me wrong. These people that I relied on was saved for over 20, 30, 40, 50 plus years. They had degrees and high credentials, in and outside of the church. I just knew they had it all figured out and I was on the right track. But years ago, God started to work on me. Taking my narrow mind and broadening it to see a bigger picture, His bigger picture. Bringing me to understand people have flaws. Just because you’re saved doesn’t mean you’re perfect. Just because you’re a Pastor, doesn’t mean you don’t struggle with doubt or can’t leave the faith momentarily. Just because you have degrees, doesn’t mean you’re right, smarter, or closer to God.

I’ve observed a lot in my life, but especially during my six years of being saved. Most things were beautiful, but others were disheartening.

Family and friends, this has not been easy. Learning how to unconditionally love a group of people that I was taught were sinners, abnormal, mentally ill, horribly abused, children of the devil. It’s not easy. Trying to get rid of my own Homophobia while still holding on to the love ones I have, is terribly hard. But that’s why I am writing this. To tell you I can’t and no longer will do both. I have to do what God is calling me to do. I have to love and help the LGBTQ+ Community in any way that I can. In any way that God wants to use me.

But before I fully embrace them, I want you to know. I am not leaving you. My love for you will always remain, even to those that have already left me. But to those that have left me, and to those that are planning to leave. I encourage you to examine the type of love you are showing and giving. I encourage you to read your Word and see, what not only Jesus did here in His time on Earth, but what God did throughout the whole Bible. God and Jesus showed us unconditional love. When Jesus knew who He was, and the Pharisees argued with Him and put Him to death. Jesus still showed them and gave them unconditional love. When we committed our first sin, God still showed unconditional love.

You may not agree with me. You may not yet understand the evidence I have given you. But if you have left or planning to leave. What type of love are you showing? Is it that of your Father’s (God) or is it that of this world? Conditional love holds fear. And the Bible has proclaimed, “God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, love, and a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7). Ask yourself what is it that you’re afraid of? That the LGBTQ+ Community are loved and accepted in the eyes of God? That they are beautiful and just as “normal” as you and me? That a 25-year-old with no degrees in theology and no credentials in or out the church could be right? What are you afraid of? Change?

I thank those that have supported me and continued to show their love for me. I also thank those that don’t support me, but still show love and acceptance of me. I thank you all so much.

I am not discouraged by those who left and those that are leaving. It helps me to understand just a little of the pain that the LGBTQ+ Community have had to endure over the decades.

I love you all! Please, keep me in your prayers.

His faithful servant,

Alisha Knight