This is Volume 2

Not only am I in a whole new chapter. I’m in an entirely different book.

And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave their testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfill all my will.

Acts 13:22

As I was on the road with my friend one morning, the aesthetics for my surroundings overtook me, causing me to ponder where I am during this point in my life. “I feel like I am in a new season, but I don’t feel like I am just in a new chapter”, I explained to my friend with excitement. I questioned my next statement, “I feel like I am in a whole new book”. Continuing to talk with my friend, I began to wonder if it was possible to be in an entirely new book. I’ve always heard others say they are in a new chapter when referring to the seasons and changes of life. But I’ve never heard anyone say they are in an entirely new book. “It’s your second volume!”, my friend happily assured, “volume number two”, she said. For a moment, I forgot that some stories can’t be told in one single book. There are times when it takes several books to tell one’s tale.

The story that is being read now, does not fit properly with the previous chapters of my life. Therefore, this new chapter, that I am currently in, is the beginning of another book that God has in His collection for my life.

It seems as though; this is the chapter and the book that the Alisha from Volume 1 was striving to get to. Her steps and her every thought were to obtain, was to become the very version of herself that she is reading about now. In Volume 1, it seemed illicit for her to ever want to acquire this version of herself. In that book, she suppressed, denied, rejected, avoided, and feared the woman who she is reading about now. She was taught that this was not a woman of God. A woman of God does not talk that way, dress that way, walk that way, feel that way—love that way. She was taught that a woman of God does not listen to that type of music. A woman of God doesn’t accompany herself with those types of individuals. A woman of God waits for the man God has for her or remains celibate for the rest of her life.

A woman of God is all the Alisha of Volume 1 wanted to be. So, she listened to the instructions of her elders, so that she might obtain the desire of her heart. This is why she suppressed, denied, rejected, avoided, and feared the woman deep down on the inside. She was taught that that version of herself was unacceptable to God. She only wanted to please God.

But towards the end of Volume 1, Alisha learned of God’s unconditional love for her. She began to understand that what she suppressed, denied, rejected, avoided, and feared was the woman that God created. She learned that during her very creation—God made her a woman of God. In the closing chapters of Volume 1, is where Alisha discovered that she had painted over God’s masterpiece for a painting that would be accepted by the world. A painting that is ever changing to appease the rules, customs, and traditions of humankind. She began to tear away at the hundreds of paintings that she tirelessly crafted. Tears of anger accompanied with every violent rip. Years of art falling to the ground. All of which she thought God wanted. Finally, she reaches the original, the creation crafted by God. She sees its beauty. She begins to understand every stroke that the Artisan made. She weeps.

Volume 1 ended with Alisha uncovering and discovering truth. Now, Volume 2, begins with Alisha living in this truth. Freely, boldly, humbly, lovingly, and peacefully she begins the first chapter of her new book. Still fulfilling her heart’s desire to be a woman after God’s own heart. A true woman of God.

Sometimes we must read our own story; realizing we are not the true author.

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