The Telephone Game and His Disciples

One-night last week, God woke me up out of a sound sleep. He explained to me that the interpretation of His Word is like the telephone game that kids play. For those of you who have never played it goes like this: One child at the beginning of the line comes up with something to say. Then that child tells the next child, then that child tells the next child, and so on until it reaches the last child. When the message reaches the last child, 100% of the time the message is completely different from the original message that was first sent. The same thing has happened with the Bible.

God Himself taught men and women His Word, and then sent them out to teach it to the rest of the world. These men and women held God’s original, true, and pure message. These men and women taught God’s true and pure message. And like the telephone game those who were taught went and taught other people. Then those people went and taught other people, and so on. The reason why the message is always different from the original message that is given at the beginning is because we all comprehend differently. We all see, hear, feel, and smell differently. We are all different, no two people are the same. We are all unique.

My grandmother and I were talking one day about what God is teaching me and I became sad because she could not understand or believe what I was saying, fully. She said to me, “you believe in what you want to, but I believe in what I was taught”. I then became even more sad because I used to believe in what I was taught and to a good degree I still do. I told God, “if I am wrong correct me”. God told me, “you are not wrong. You’re just hearing and being taught the original message of My Word, and she is trusting in what she has been taught”.

When the message reaches the last child, in the telephone game, that child is then to say out loud what it is they have heard. Then the person who started the game with the message is to give the original message. You see, everyone else that is in between the first and the last person is required to transfer the message to the next person no matter how crazy, silly, or confusing it sounds, it must be told to the next person until it reaches the last child. It is the same thing that is happening now. The disciples went out with one original message and taught that message in its fullness. Then they died, but the message lived on and was taught, then the ones who were taught went out and taught, and so on. And now, we have different versions or denominations of Christianity because everyone is teaching what they have comprehended and have been taught. Do we honestly believe what we see today in Christianity was the original plan of God when He came here and taught His disciples?

At the end of the game when the first child says his/her original message the children in the middle are confused and say things like, “that sounds nothing like what I heard”. The original message of God’s Word will look strange and sound foreign to us because it hasn’t been properly taught since the time of Jesus. But like the telephone game, we have access to the One that sent out the original message. And if we all begin to look to Him and not to each other, we can truly do as He commands, which is to Love.

What started me on this journey was me saying to God, "You said You don't like this". He then said to me, "no, I have never told you that. That's what you have been taught. Let Me teach you what My Word says".

The last person of the game says what he/she believes the first person said, and if it is wrong the first person must and will correct it because it is their word/message. Is it not God's Word/Message we are interpreting? Then it is His and His alone to correct and teach.