The Physical World is Showing the Spiritual World

The deeper I dive into God, the more He exposes to me. God’s artistry is astounding! His design is unmatched! What we see physically is also how He made us spiritually. Which can help us to make connections and understand this precious gift of life that He has given us.

Basically, everything that has life, physical life on this planet, has a spiritual life. That means plants, birds, trees, insects, absolutely everything that we see physically moving and breathing and living has a soul. Everything that we see here in the natural is like a container that holds all spiritual life.

We can become so consumed by this natural life and this natural body, that we forget about our spiritual life and our spiritual body that was also created by our Lord Savior. While we focus on the external, we unknowingly neglect the internal. We unknowingly neglect our true being, the very thing that animates this body that God formed for us.

We are more than our body. We are spiritual beings that have a spiritual Father. A spiritual Father that wants to take away all the pain and fill all the voids within us. He wants to provide for us, to communion with us. He wants to expose more of Himself to us, so that we can know who we are at our core. God wants intimacy with us! We are His! He wants to draw near to us, but we must want to draw near to Him as well.

God doesn’t want us stuck in only seeing the natural. He wants us to see the spiritual part as well. So, that we can begin to live and act at our full potential, in our full power. There is more power in what we can’t see, than what we can see. There is more beauty in what we can’t see, than what we can see. Outer beauty is nothing compared to the inner beauty that God gives. This is why, a beautiful person can look ugly and an ugly person can look beautiful. It’s not about what is seen, but what is felt. Because we are in this physical world, we must rely on God for what we cannot see. This physical world is temporary, but the spiritual is eternal.

I am awed by God daily! I truly marvel in His presence! I love knowing my Savior and my God intimately! There is no better relationship than the one that I have with Him.