The Pain My Heart Knows

by Alisha Knight

My mind wants to forget you, but my heart won’t let it,

My soul became bonded with yours, eternally knit, eternally embedded.

I look at you with curiosity in my eyes,

And I wonder to myself, “how could we both leave without any goodbyes?”.

I fell in love with you before my mind could even comprehend what was happening,

But I didn’t want it to stop, even when the process was at times maddening.

I look into your eyes, and everything gently disappears around us,

In them I’m lost, and nothing shall ever come near or between us.

We see something in one another that draws us close but pushes us away,

We longed for each other, but deep down we knew we could not stay.

How can our love be forbidden when it’s genuine, tender, and soft?

Our love is luxurious like a Manhattan, New York City loft.

The day I met you was the day my heart’s search ended,

I needed months to understand and then my mind finally comprehended.

There are nights streams flow from my eyes—longing to have your body near,

Then there are nights I am so angry; I vow to never shed another tear.

I think to myself, “Why won’t she talk to me? Why won’t she give me a chance?”,

But if given the opportunity, I’m not sure if I would even give it a glance.

The truth is, my heart loves you deeply, but it is growing tired,

Loving you from a distance with no communication, is not how my heart is wired.

I don’t know if this is easy for you, but it looks to be as so,

Honestly, I pray it is—for I don’t want you to feel the pain my heart knows.

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