Sex, Intimacy, and this Generation

Sex is all around us. Instead of the church shying away or ignoring sex, the church should run to it to be of help to the up and coming generation.

Why do we treat sex as if it were something evil? Like it was created by the devil? Why can’t we acknowledge the beauty of sex and intimacy and thank God for the beautiful and intimate experience that we can experience with our God given partner? Why does the talk of sex scare the church so much to the point that it is rarely talked about? And when it is talked about there is a lot of sugarcoating or they don’t see the need to talk about it unless the individuals are married. And when the individuals are married the church still doesn’t think that it’s necessary to talk about because the individuals are now married.

I wonder what century the church is in. Does the church not realize we live in a very sex interested generation? Sex is everywhere. It’s on the TV. In movies and TV shows. It’s in music. It’s in books. It’s on the internet. It’s on most teenagers and young adults’ minds. Again, sex. Is. Everywhere. And yet, the church is in its own little bubble pretending to be oblivious. Teaching the next generation of leaders and attendees of the church to just ignore sex. To look at it as shameful acts unless done within the ceremonial bond of marriage. Teaching us that it is inappropriate conversation even if done within a small group. Sex talk is not permitted at church or within church groups. Why? When you have a generation teenagers and young adults surrounded by sex. When you have a student sitting in a church youth group secretly battling with their sexuality. These broken teenagers go to church events to feel a sense of community. To feel connected. To say, “hey, you’re going through that too? I thought it was just me”. Yet, they sit there feeling alone and ashamed hoping no one finds them out. Where is the church authenticity?

Teenagers and young adults go to church to feel loved, unconditionally loved for who we are. We go to church to test God, to see if He will Love us for who we are. To see if He will accept all the brokenness and dirt that we see within ourselves. We go to church to feel whole, and in that wholeness fully and unconditionally loved. But how can we feel that wholeness that we need when the church shies away from the one subject that we are surrounded by, that some are confused by? The church is showing this generation that God wants nothing to do with sex or sexuality. So, when they go to youth night, they hide their thoughts and their heart from God on these subjects. The church is teaching this generation that God is disgusted and regretful of this part of us. That He doesn’t acknowledge or like this side of us. The church is teaching this generation how to be ashamed of who we are, teaching us how to ignore the elephant in the room. They are teaching us that God doesn’t love this part of us and that He didn’t design this part of our being.

Meanwhile, the world is teaching this generation to embrace every detail of their being. The world is teaching that their sex, gender, sexuality, or lack there of is fully accepted and unconditionally loved. The world is making changes in laws, entertainment, and education to show this group of teenagers, young adults, and people of all ages that they are fully Loved and accepted.

The church is teaching the opposite of the world. They are teaching to suppress and ignore, while the world is teaching to embrace and be free. Yet, the church wonders why millennials are not going to church. This generation loves God but refuses to go to church (look here). The church should realize in some aspect the world is teaching what they should be because it is what the Bible teaches, freedom not suppression. The Bible teaches unconditional love, not conditional. No subject is off limits for God. God Loves the whole person, even the things that we as humans can’t see or choose not to see. He is not ashamed of us; He still loves us. “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” Romans 5:8.

The church needs to come out of its bubble and begin to acknowledge the “shameful” thoughts on teenagers’ minds and hearts until it’s no longer “shameful” but normal. The church needs to come out of its bubble and acknowledge and respect the opposite sex or same sex companions that young adults may have. The church needs to come out of its bubble and acknowledge and respect whatever attire, hair color, piercings, and/or tattoos a person may wear or have.

The church needs to again touch the heart of God and seek the endowment of the unconditional love of Christ. The church desperately needs a revival.



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