Outside of Christianity

God can guide us through another faith to help us understand some of the mysteries of His Word.

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus" Galatians 3:28

Earlier in my journey of Love with God, He guided me to the story of Jonathan and David. I had never heard of this story before. And as I read the 18th chapter of 1st Samuel, my heart instantly filled with love and relief. Seeing the words and feeling the passion of Jonathan and David helped me to understand what I was currently experiencing with another soul. Seeing how much Jonathan loved David and seeing how the Bible described their souls being knit together. God told me He did the same with my soul that He did with Jonathan and David’s soul. Of course, I didn’t understand but I trusted Him because I knew He loved me and had my best interest at heart. So, I began to fully embrace this soul knitting that took place with me and this other soul. It wasn’t easy and at times it was scary, but the intensity of the love and understanding that God was right there every step of the way, kept me with trust and faith that everything was okay.

From the second time I met this individual I felt a strong spiritual connection. One that I had never felt before with anyone. I remember looking at this individual and thinking, “how come I know you, but I've never seen you before in my life?”. And I also thought while looking at the individual, “why does it feel as if you missed out on my whole life?”. Strangely in the beginning, I knew that this soul matched my own in love. Their love for God and for people matched my own heart, we just expressed love differently. I was purely attracted to the way this individual loved. I knew this individual was unique and special to me. I instantly loved them as my own life. That’s when God began to explain to me the story of Jonathan and David, spiritual connections, love, and intimate friendships.

Unfortunately, there came a time when I no longer wanted to be knitted to this other beautiful soul that I was knitted to. I thought God had made a mistake because of the things that had taken place between me and this individual. I deeply loved this other soul and I knew they loved me too, but where we were at that point in our friendship, which was not on speaking terms, I was confused and thought God made me ‘one’ with the wrong person. I was frustrated and wanted to know why God knitted me to this other soul, and why He knitted Jonathan and David. So, I asked Him.

At a prayer service one night, God spoke to me and told me He was going to take my thinking to another level. I didn’t understand what He meant, so He again told me, “I am going to take your understanding to another level”. I still didn’t quite understand but I told Him, “I trust You, do Your will”. A little time after that moment, I was on Pinterest just scrolling and I came across this information:

“Twin soul relationships teach unconditional love and acceptance and how to embody these things before being able to offer these things entirely to another. They force their twins to surrender and let go of unrealistic expectations or demands.
Twin souls unite when they have released and cleared ego-placed emotional, mental, physical and spiritual obstacles that prevent them from reaching an energetic balance that magnetizes their souls so they can vibrate harmoniously on the same frequency.
A Twin soul relationship is different from a soulmate, or any other type of relationship. It is the only type of relationship that requires both people to be ready emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually before a consistent alchemical union can be experienced.” -Unknown

When I saw this, I began to quickly connect with it because God was already teaching me about unconditional love in my previous season. But I was scared because Christianity didn’t teach what I was reading. I was always taught not to go outside of Christianity because we only trust and believe in the Bible. But God said to me, “it’s okay. I am with you”. I was still very hesitant, but He said to me, “you have the Bible as your foundation, and I am with you”. So, I began to research Twin Flames/Twin Souls with the guidance of God. And over the course of a couple of months I began to understand why Jonathan and David souls were knit together, why they loved each other so much. I began to understand why God knitted my soul to this other person’s soul. Most of the things that I was learning in this other faith about the soul was confirmed by God and the Bible. And in August, God connected the dots for me and helped me to understand Genesis 1 is speaking of our soul. It was tricky to see at first but as always, He opened my understanding to His wisdom and knowledge, that He actually had me to pray for months before.

God started me in His Word with the story of Jonathan and David, then briefly took me into another faith to understand the male and female soul, and then He brought me back to His Word and opened my understanding to share my findings with His people (you). To help me deeper understand love and why some people find themselves in love with someone of the same sex. To help me understand why the soul I found myself knit to and falling in love with is someone of my own gender. I couldn’t understand why God would allow this to happen because I was taught God’s design for His people is not Homosexuality. But when God introduced me to the story of Jonathan and David, when He taught me about the soul, about love, and about His Word on the subjects. I quickly realized I was not truly taught the complete love of God, only part of it.

I am glad that I have an intimate relationship with Jesus because now I can truly serve Him and His people and help fill the world with more of His Love. Helping to stop the hurt, pain, and deaths that the LGBTQ+ community has had to endure because of whom they love. Homosexual couples are no more in control over who they love than Heterosexual couples are. Once we all can understand this, we can fully accept them and help them obtain all the rights that should be available to every human being despite color, gender, financial status, and despite the one whom their soul loves. Because as Christians are taught by God that "we are all one in Christ" Galatians 3:28.

Everything we see is all temporary. It is our soul that will out last our bodies.

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