Love Arise!

Love, arise in the heart's of Your people!

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:1-2

Is there any hope? I stand not amongst the crowd, or in front of halls of justice demanding change, but I stand here. I stand on this hill You formed, and I look to You from where my help comes from. For I know true power and authority lies not within man, not within the government, not within the church, but in You.

God, I stand here, and I ask, where are You? Your people are hurting. Your people are struggling. Your people are sick. Your people are tired. Your people are dying. The sight of this world is to painful to view God. We. Need. You. People killing one another for the color of their skin. Women dying and beaten for being what You created them to be. The innocence of children stripped before they can even define the word. So much hate towards those loving someone of their own sex. Is this all because we lack the true meaning of unconditional love? I shall say so, seeing as most of the church just wear You as a fashion. My God! Did they forget Your passion?

How can the world learn to seek You for change if Your own disciples seek their own power, their own elevation, while they hide their own sinfulness? Somewhere during the course of time, we have lost sight of You and looked to ourselves. Some how we have created our own heaven and our own hell, and we use Your Holy Word to justify which of the two will be one's final resting place. We scare them into loving You, using fear as our power to control. How can the world look to You when majority of their pain and confusion comes from the church? They don’t believe that You are the answer. They don’t believe that You are the solution. Some believe that You are the cause. They believe we don’t need You, and we can bring about change without You, “all we need is more love”, they say. I chuckle with gladness, because without them even realizing it, they are still depending on You. For You are Love. If only they could acknowledge that fact.

I stand here, God, on this hill with my fist high in the air and my feet firmly planted, commanding love to arise within the heart's of Your people. Show us Your definition of unconditional love, so that we may walk boldly therein. Remove every false representation of You from our mind and manifest Your true glory. Help us see that change will not come from the government or the church but from within ourselves. We must be the change that we want to see and allow Love, You, to guide us to our promise land. Let Love Arise!

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