Let Your Pride Shine

Pride is a celebration where all our colors can be seen and lovingly accepted.

As pride month comes to an end, I am honored to be given the opportunity to write about what a beautiful celebration this month truly entails. And how it goes beyond the month of June and becomes a lifestyle, a way of living. The month of June is time taken to show acknowledgement and give encouragement and awareness of Pride's beauty and needfulness.

Growing up, this celebration was forbidden for me and my family to participate in. My parents were and still are very conservative Christians. I grew up loving the rainbow and all its colors. But when I was younger, I was not able to wear the rainbow because it symbolized support for the LGBTQ+ Community. At first, I didn’t understand what the big deal was. But as I got older, into my teens, I didn’t want people to think that I was gay because I was wearing the rainbow. Back then I would have been embarrassed if anyone thought I was into girls because to be honest at that time my own feelings and attractions were very confusing. Well, at the time I thought they were confusing.

I’ve never truly acknowledged this month for its Pride celebrations, so therefore, I never really knew what Pride was about. But now that God has opened my eyes to His understanding of Homosexuality, I am able to learn what this celebration is all about and see the beauty in it. And as I learn, I am learning that it is nothing that we need to run from, but rather run to. Pride is more than just celebrating same-sex love. It’s about celebrating you. It’s about being our authentic self unapologetically and celebrating it. It’s about accepting one another for who we are and giving each other unconditional love and acceptance. Pride, from what I am getting, is about uniting all people in Love despite our differences and celebrating our diversity! What true believer would run from that, would shun that, would try to dismantle that? At Pride’s core is the very purpose and life mission of what Jesus came here to do. Jesus came here to show us how to Love one another despite the differences that we may notice and see.

Some may not want to embrace this celebration because they do not condone Homosexuality. They feel as though Homosexuality goes contrary to God’s design for Humanity. They feel that if Jesus were here, He would not participate in the Pride festivities nor in anything related to Homosexuality. And as most Christians used to wear the bracelet back in day, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?), they do as they think their Lord and Savior would do. They disown their child that is discovering their same-sex attraction and/or sexuality. They do as Jesus would do and send them to a place where they get abused mentally and/or physically. They do as Jesus would do and never speak to their gay or trans child again. They do as Jesus would do and not attend their child’s wedding, their celebration of Love to the one whom they are fully committed in Love to. They do as Jesus would do and give them their love but with conditions. This is what we are showing the world to be the love of Christ. And yet, we wonder why so many are hurt, broken, and confused.

I don’t know about the rest of those who call themselves a disciple of God, but my Bible shows me exactly what Jesus would do in times like these. There is no confusion and there is no debate. Jesus, if He were here presently, would Love unconditionally. He would embrace His child, converse with His child as he/she expressed the feelings of their heart. My Lord would be there to stand beside His son, to walk His daughter down the aisle as she married the woman of her dreams. Now, I know some of you who are reading this are thinking, “Alisha, you are dreaming.”. No! I am reading. I am in constant communication with my Lord about the subject of Love because He knows all about it.

Some of God’s people fear same-sex unions because of the act of sexual intimacy, which they believe the Bible forbids. Therefore, they believe and teach that God despises the whole relationship. That them and their partner are going to hell. This way of thinking is only partially right. This week on The Discoveries of Agape YouTube Channel, we are going to see what the Bible truly teaches. We are not going to add anything, and we are not going to take away anything. It’s not going to be my interpretation, nor will it be my opinion. It’s all going to be God’s infallible Word.

As God’s people, we cannot continue to show God’s Love as disowning family members, mentally and physically abusing children, giving our love with conditions. The Love of God is unconditional! Always have been and forever will be because that’s who God is. We can’t continue to say one thing and then do another. Our world now more than ever needs Love. It needs authenticity. We should not encourage others to hide because what they are doing is not the norm. This leaves people in darkness, cold and alone, hurt and broken, unloved and never understood. This leaves people to be living a lie when God’s people are supposed to live in truth because God is truth.

Pride gives children, teens, and adults a chance to let all of their colors shine in the glorious light of the sun. Pride gives them a chance to be Loved with their true self on full display. As people of God, we should run towards Pride because we are seeing truth instead of lies that make us feel comfortable.

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