Is Homosexuality a Sin?

If Homosexuality is a sin, then Heterosexuality is a sin. Both unions should be about Love.

The title of this post is a ridiculous question, “Is Homosexuality a Sin?”. The title may as well be, “Is Love a Sin?”. See how ridiculous that sounds? But it is believed that two people of the same sex cannot honestly be in love. First of all, who are we to determine who is in love? Why is it so hard to believe that two individuals of the same sex could be in love? What is it about gender that makes it hard to understand the love between two people? Why is it believed to be impossible to actually fall in love with someone of the same sex?

Personally, I hope we can get to the day when we realize love, true love, has nothing to do with the physical body. But that can’t begin to happen if we don’t understand that Love is spiritual (read When Two Hearts Become One). Love has nothing to do with what we can see naturally, even for opposite-sex unions. Love is so far beyond our understanding, and when we can finally admit that, we then open ourselves up to true discipleship.

Homosexuality is not a sin in the Bible. It’s not a sin to God. It is a sin to the church. The church teaches that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible and God Himself has never taught homosexuality to be a sin. But because the Bible talks about sexual intercourse between two men, the church calls the whole relationship an abomination (read Same-sex Couples aren’t having Sex According to the Bible). The church has a strange relationship with the topic of sex. The church believes that sex is anything that leads a person to having an orgasm. So, basically the church believes orgasms outside of marriage is a sin. Where in the Bible does it even show or hint to this being true?

God made sex as sexual intercourse. That is how God designed sex in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2 (read Why Jesus WOULD Officiate a Same-sex Wedding). Then God made laws for sex in Leviticus. The laws show a repeated form of some type of sexual intercourse. Never does the Bible show touching of the genitals (with hands or mouth) to be a form of sex or sinful for opposite or same-sex unions. But because touching can lead to an orgasm it is seen as sex. The Bible never says that an orgasm is sex. Two people in an intimate relationship touching each other’s private areas is called intimacy, not sex. As long as the touching is consensual, it should only be the business of the two individuals in the relationship. If God wanted to ban two people touching one another intimately, He would have had it written.

Sex and/or intimacy is such a small part of any union, same or opposite. The union isn’t really about sex and/or intimacy, it’s about Love, learning, and growth. Intimacy and/or sex is a bonus of the relationship as a whole. It’s about sharing unconditional love with another person. Having someone there to go through the thick and thin of life. Having someone to share joy and happiness with. Having someone there to hold us when we can’t even hold ourselves. When we look at unions, opposite or same, Love is always the first thing that should be seen. Love is an action word, so their will also be some type of affection shown between the two. Kissing, hugging, cuddling, gazing, etc. all that is a part of Love. The Bible never shows that type of intimacy to be a sin between two people of the same sex in a relationship. I take John laying on Jesus bosom as a sign of affection for their Love. The Bible doesn’t show Jesus affectionate like that with any of His other disciples (read Did Jesus Teach Celibacy or Was Jesus Straight, Gay, or Bisexual).

True Love is unconditional. But the church is teaching conditional love. The Bible and God Himself does not teach that. The church is teaching to only fall in love with someone of the opposite sex. That’s conditional love because the condition to the love is that they must be of the opposite sex. But unconditional love doesn’t care about anything, skin color, size, clothing, scars, mental status, finances, beauty, gender, nor sex (biological or trans). Unconditional love holds no limits, restrictions, nor conditions, it just loves. Love is about the soul of a person not the body (read Twin Flames can be a Same-sex Couple).

Teaching that homosexuality is a sin, is a false teaching. It’s a false teaching that has hurt a lot of people, young, old, and in between. People fear homosexuality because they don’t understand it, and to be honest, no one is trying to. People give up on homosexuals when they fail to change to be a part of the majority. But no one even commends them for trying. No one tries to understand the pain that they deal with all by themselves. No one understands the nights they prayed to just be normal like everyone else. People don’t take time to put themselves in their shoes because they think it’s a choice that they can just switch on and off. Don’t people understand if it were that easy they would chose to change, so they wouldn’t have to deal with the heartache, drama, and pain? If it were easy as an on and off switch, who would choose to be bullied, ridiculed, beaten, tortured, abandoned, and/or killed? If it were honestly a choice, I don’t believe anyone would choose it.

The church has insulted the LGBTQ+ community. The church has pushed them out and abandoned them all in the “name of the Lord”. How can we treat a community like this and say it’s for Jesus when Jesus’ commandment is Love? How can we claim to teach Love and acceptance but at the same time call them sinners and confused? How can we say we practice inclusion when we choose not to embrace them and actually Love and show affection? I don’t understand the type of love the church is giving. Using six passages of scriptures that is talking strictly about sex to condemn the Love that two people share. That’s not right. Love and sex need to be separated until each can be understood separately.

God wants deeper intimacy with His children. He wants to instruct them on things that are right and wrong. Some may think that allowing homosexuality or even looking at sex as sexual intercourse will lead to more sin or it will then allow incest. That’s just fear and lack of understanding on how God brings two people together in Love. There is so much to discover about Love. Love doesn’t always lead to sex and/or intimacy. A person can be in Love and not want to have sex and/or intimacy with the other person. If we teach people to have a genuine and intimate relationship with God, He will tell them right from wrong. God loves His children, and “whom the Lord loves He corrects” Proverbs 3:12. Accepting same-sex unions is not the end of the world. God has everything under control (read Jesus Opened the ‘Closet’ Door).

The church should stop teaching that Homosexuality is a sin and start teaching what the Bible truly says. Teaching that Love is a sin is false teaching.

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