His Wounds

by Alisha Knight

"But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him"

1 Corinthians 6:17

The wounds on your heart are not all yours. You, My child, carry My heart because you are Mine. You carry the wounds of the broken, the neglected, the abandoned, the scared, the abused, the persecuted, the spiritually dead. I know it’s a lot and that’s why I am here, My child. That’s why you run to Me! You fall in My presence with the burden that you have faithfully helped your brother and your sister carry. They need you child, because they yearn for Me. I know you get tired; I know you get weary, but you are STRONG because I am within you! Your spirit is strong because I give it strength. I give you the stamina to make it to My throne. And at My throne, I give you more strength, more Love, more courage, more Power, more boldness! You are not weak because of the wounds child, but by them you are made strong! Use them to give the world My Love. Your reward is in Me, not in man. Man doesn’t know what you need but I do! Come on, My child, fight for those who feel they can’t make it. Pick them up and carry them to Me, and I will give them Life!

Be filled My fierce warrior! And draw strength from the wounds of My heart!

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