He Speaks

God is an intimate God! He loves to be in relationship with His children. He wants to be ‘one’ with our soul.

When you are in relationship with God, He speaks to you, laughs with you, cries with you, He rejoices with you. Why? That’s what a relationship is. God doesn’t only want to be close to you during your praise and your worship, He always wants to be there. He wants to be your intimate Friend, your intimate Father, your intimate Mother, your intimate Brother, your intimate Sister, or your intimate Spouse. He wants to be whatever you need Him to be while you are on your journey. He wants your intimacy.

He desires intimacy with all His children. And when you have given in and have become intimate with the Creator, He begins to talk with you. Relationship, intimacy, requires communication not only on your part but also on God’s part. Not only are you supposed to talk to God, but God does and should talk to you because that is relationship. How can a relationship build if there is no communication or it’s only one-way, you being the one communicating? No, that makes no sense, and thus, no growth can be achieved. We serve a God that is able to talk with us and walk with us as we are journeying in this life. Look at those in the Bible. Look and see their intimate relationship with God. Notice how He spoke to them, communicating His will and His promises to them. Do we not know He does the same even now, in our present day, this very moment? Our God changes not! He spoke to David, so can He speak to you. He talked with Moses “face to face” (Exodus 33:11), so will He do with you.

A relationship has to be cultivated, it must be tended to, nurtured during infancy as a mother and her nursing child. And just as a baby grows and is weaned from the mother’s breast, so it is with our relationship with God. Our relationship grows from infancy to maturity. You and God both tending to the relationship. As a nursing baby you eat from the bosom of God while He sings to you. And as one that is heading towards maturity, you walk with Him, conversing with one another, discovering the wondrous Love of God. How do we think the Bible was written unless the authors had sacred intimacy with the One true Author of the Holy Bible. The One who knew every word that would be written.

God speaks. And what God speaks He confirms with His Word.

Listen for His voice.

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