God’s Barren Women

The purpose of marriage is not procreation. Procreation may be the result of the sexual union, but this is not always the case.

Some women at a young or old age are told by doctors and specialist that they will not or cannot bear a child. In the Bible, these women are called barren. Sarah, Rebekkah, Rachel, Hannah, and Elisabeth, these are some of the barren women of the Bible. But as God allowed, these barren women brought forth children that would be used by God in a mighty way. Some women today have this testimony, being barren but then God enables them to carry and birth a child. But on the opposite end, some women don’t have this miracle that they deeply crave and earnestly pray for. These women don’t understand why God won’t do for them what He’s done for others. They don’t understand why He says to married couples be “fruitful and multiply”. They don’t understand if the main purpose for sex is procreation, why can’t they do what God has designed for them to do? These barren women are left frustrated, devastated, and heartbroken.

God’s barren woman, He loves you! You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)! You were intricately designed with no mistake or error. Your life is bringing forth His will and purpose on the Earth. He loves you, He hears every prayer, spoken and unspoken. He sees every tear from your eyes and every tear from your heart. You, barren woman, have your own testimony. Not one of physical birth, but one of laborious courage. Not one of infant life, but one of abundant faith. Barren woman, in your pain you found victory. And in your victory others have seen His glory. Barren woman, you stayed with the Lover of your soul. You could have left Him and rejected Him, instead you prayed and conversed with Him, and in that developed deep intimacy.

The command of Genesis 1:28 was not for all husbands and wives to bear and birth children. The command was for Adam and Eve to multiply and fill the Earth with their soul (learn more here). After God blessed Adam and Eve, in the thirtieth verse of Genesis chapter one, it says, “and it was so”. When God gave a command in Genesis 1, it was done without delay. Therefore, because God spoke it and then it happened, we must acknowledge that Adam and Eve did not have children until the fourth chapter of Genesis when they were out of the garden. It is not even recorded of Adam and Eve having sexual relations until Genesis chapter four when they are out of Eden. Also acknowledging that it is not written until Genesis 6 that “men began to multiply on the face of the land”.

Barren woman, don’t you know if God commanded it, it shall come to pass? For the Word of God does not return unto Him void, it will do whatever He says (Isaiah 55:11). Therefore, if God commanded you to "be fruitful and multiply", it would be so. The purpose of sex with the man whom God gave you, is to experience the spiritual intimacy that you both feel within. The purpose of sex is to become ‘one’, to be physically intimate, the Bible declares. The purpose of sex with your husband is not procreation, but rather, expressing your spiritual intimacy in the act of becoming ‘one flesh’, which may give a result of infant life. Procreation may be a result, but it is not the purpose.

Barren woman, God has not failed you and He never will. You are a mother, whether you give birth or not. God has your child out there ready for you. Whether it’s through adoption, niece or nephew, brother or sister, cousin or otherwise. You are a mother. But most of all, barren woman. You. Are. Whole.

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