Connecting My Dots

He connected my dots and guided me to my purpose. He has and forever will be my Heavenly Father!

I have never encountered a season like this in my life, before now. There has been so much spiritual growth! The Love, unconditional love, that I feel from God is so immensely intense to the point, I find myself lost in His Love. And I would have it no other way. My spirit feels fully Loved and free! Where as before, my spirit felt restricted and repressed. And I was willing to stay that way if that’s what Jesus wanted, if that’s what granted me eternal life with Him. There is so much that Jesus has taught me about myself since starting this new journey with Him in February of this year. In this season, not only has He been teaching me Love, He also connected all the dots in my life that led up to this moment in time. This moment in time, is when He would begin to use me for His purpose; to impact the world with His Love, which is unconditional and always available. He made me free to be authentically myself, only requiring validation from Him, and Him alone.

As I continue in this journey, I plan to share with you all that God shares with me. God is vastly bigger than what I grew up learning. The Bible is true when it says God never changes, He just exposes more of Himself to us as we grow deeper in our intimacy with Him. We search for the edge of the Universe, and yet, we have not reached it. This is how big I could understand God to be, but I believe He’s much bigger! His Love knows no end, for it’s eternal!

Jesus is still saving and changing our world! Now, He’s using individuals like you and I to carry on in His purpose, with the power of the Holy Spirit! Filling and changing the heart's of mankind with Love is our duty as His followers.

Let Love elevate you!

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