Agapao is the highest love. It's the Love that God has for us and it's the Love that He calls for us to have for Him and each other.

As I was doing some research one day on spiritual friendships, I came across a beautiful piece of writing that I am really excited to share with you all! This writing is from Bible Hub and it beautifully explains the spiritual connections of Adam and Eve, David and Jonathan, Jesus and John, and even Christ and the Church.

At first, when I read it I was kind of confused when it said Jesus and John, but because God was fully human as well that means He bore a sinful soul. And like all the souls that Adam and Eve multiplied and then separated because of sin. It was the same with the soul of Jesus and John. If that was confusing to you please look at my post called Be Fruitful and Multiply, it will help give an understanding.

Before I get to the writing, I want to explain that Love is beyond our comprehension because God is Love. We can’t stop people from falling in love because it looks different from what we are used to. We can cause a lot of hurt and damage in people when trying to change them from what God has made them to be. While I understand that some Christians are trying to help souls see Jesus, when it comes to love we must be gentle and handle this area with tender love and care because everyone experiences Love differently.

Now here is the writing by Alex. Whyte, D. D. from Bible Hub called True Friendship in Union of Kindred Spirits:

"'And it came to pass that the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David." You knit things together that are of the same kind: things that are of the same substance, and fibre, and texture, and strength, and endurance. You knit a thread to a kindred thread. You knit a cord to a kindred cord. You knit a threefold cord to a threefold cord. You knit a chain of iron to a chain of iron; a chain of brass to a chain of brass; a chain of gold to a chain of gold; and a chain of gold of the same size, and strength, and purity, and beauty to a chain of gold of the same size, and strength, and purity, and beauty, Now, Jonathan's soul was a chain of gold of the same size, and strength, and purity, and beauty as David's soul. Jonathan, as being the elder man, had for long been looking and longing for a soul like David's soul to which his own soul might be knit; and before the sun set that day the son of Saul had found in the son of Jesse a soul after his own soul, and he was at rest. Jonathan's soul was that day knit to another soul, if possible, still more tender, and pure, and pious, and noble, and loyal than his own; till Jonathan was the happiest man in all Israel that day. And that pattern of friendship, knit that day between Jonathan and David, has been the ensample and seal of all true friendships among men ever since. It was a sweet fancy of Plato that at the great aboriginal creation of human souls they all came from the hand of the God of power, and wisdom, and love, and holiness twain in one. All human souls came into existence already knit together like the souls of Adam and Eve, like the souls of David and Jonathan, like the souls of Jesus and John, like the souls of Christ and His Church. But Sin, the great sunderer and separater and scatterer of souls, came in and cleft asunder soul-consort from soul-consort till all our souls since the fall start this lonely life alone. And all the longings, and cravings, and yearnings, and hungerings, and thirstings, and faintings, and failings that fill the souls of men and women — it is all in search of that brother-soul, that sister-soul, that spousal-soul that we have all loved long since and lost awhile. And every true friendship, every true courtship, every true espousalship, every true married-life is the Divine recovery and reunion of twin-soul to twin-soul, as all human souls were in the great beginning, and will for ever be in God and in God's house of love and rest and satisfaction. And had Plato read Hebrew — and would God he had! — how he would have hailed Jonathan and David as another example of two long-lost and disconsolate souls finding rest in their primogenial, spousal, re-knit, and never again to be separated soul."

The Love that Jonathan and David and Jesus and John had for each other was Agapao, which is the same Love that Paul urges husbands to have for their wives. Agapao is the highest love. This is the Love that God is trying to get us all to because it is pure, true, and eternal. Agapao is the glue that holds the two knit souls together forever. These souls are loving and committed to each other unconditionally. Which is why Jonathan and David loved each other as their own soul. Which is why Jesus loved His beloved and His beloved was there every step of the way, even at the cross. Which is why a husband commits and is forever faithful to his wife and the wife ever faithful to her husband. It's all because of Agapao. It's all because of God.

"Agapao means to love unconditionally and sacrificially as God Himself loves sinful men, the way He loves the Son" Precept Austin
"Note that agapao is a verb and by its verbal nature calls for action. This quality of love is not an emotion but is an action initiated by a volitional choice" Precept Austin


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