My Journey to True Love

“Your mission is to impact the world with My Love”. This is what Jesus told me when starting my journey with Him in 2013.


Hi! I'm Alisha Knight. While growing up, loving others was something that always came natural to me. Not only because I was taught to by God, but also because it was easier to give love than to receive it; not from you but from me.


Journeying with God and being His disciple, He gave me the meaning of True Love. True Love is not about finding the person of your dreams, no. True Love is about embracing the One who created your dreams. Love Himself taught me how to fully embrace myself and receive unconditional love from Him and from me.


With this blog, Jesus and I are going take humanity on a spiritual journey. We are going to look at His Word with wisdom and guidance from His Holy Spirit. We are going to see what the Bible teaches on what man is, love, sex, and sexuality. Not what mankind and their Theology teaches, but what God's Holy Word says. Confirming Bible with Bible.


Jesus is desiring to fill a hurting world with Agape. He's beautifying and purifying His bride (the church); preparing her for His return.


Let the Love of God heal, illuminate, and keep your heart!


Come! Let us discover truth with His Love.